Shop the Most Advanced Cup Therapy Kit

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Shop the Most Advanced Cup Therapy Kit
Shop the Most Advanced Cup Therapy Kit
Shop the Most Advanced Cup Therapy Kit

Anatomic Provisions features the world’s most advanced therapy kit for cupping. It’s proudly designed and assembled in the United States with the help of professionals in the fields of myofascial decompression and physical therapy. These cups are also designed with the input of experts in athletic performance.

As a result, professional athletes, trainers, and clinicians confidently use our cupping therapy kit for effective recovery.

What does cupping therapy do?

Cupping therapy doesn’t serve as a substitute to physical rehabilitation. But it is effective in reducing your recovery time and improving your physical performance.

Athletic trainers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and physical therapists all employ the use of cupping to help their clients recover, live pain-free, and improve their mobility. It’s ideal for world-class athletes and for anybody who lives an active lifestyle.

How do you benefit from cupping therapy?

The goal of cupping is simple — it’s designed to help you recover quicker and perform better. People explore the use of cupping therapy for pain relief, mobility restoration, and full recovery.

This modern injury treatment modality may help shorten your rehabilitation duration, too.

How does modern cupping therapy work?

Unlike traditional massage that presses into your muscle and fascia, cupping therapy does the opposite. It loosens up injured muscles by gently pulling those compressed muscle fibers and tissues apart.

Our scientifically engineered cups act like a light vacuum that ease muscle tension and restore function quickly.

Is modern cupping therapy safe for me?

Like any other type of injury treatment, cupping therapy is safe when administered by a trained practitioner or an educated consumer. It’s normal to experience light bruising and temporary marks after each therapy session. These marks are a response to the pressure of the cups and will typically fade within a week.

Anatomic Provisions caters to the wholesale needs of medical practitioners, therapy clinics, and sports team. Contact us today to request wholesale pricing.

What Makes Anatomic Provisions’ Kits Different?

The Pump

  • Durable and ergonomic hand pump that holds up to constant use and travel.
  • Precision engineered to meet the demands of modern practitioners.

The Cups

  • High-quality cups designed to hold up against articulations of muscle and fascia.
  • Next-generation curved cup that fits the curves of the human body.
  • Rubberized grips for maximum application control.
  • Shatterproof, medical-grade polymer.


    What’s Inside the Kit?

    • 1 Hand Pump
    • 16 cups
      • 5 cm diameter flat cup x 4
      • 6 cm diameter flat cup x 4
      • 7 cm diameter flat x 4
      • 5 cm diameter curved cup x 2
      • 6 cm diameter curved cup x 2 
    • Durable carrying case

    *Patents are still pending for the Advanced Cup Therapy Kit