The Story of Anatomic Provisions

You train hard, you play hard...but do you recover hard?

Anatomic Provisions elevates recovery so you can show up as your best. We believe in working hard and recovering harder.

A few years ago, I was trying to balance my athletic passions as an avid yogi, climber, and runner with the realities of an office job. Poor movement patterns from hours at a desk combined with insufficient recovery led to a number of injuries. (In case you’re wondering: biceps tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, and a hip impingement). I knew something had to change. Cup therapy was the key treatment that allowed my body relearn how to move correctly. I recovered from my injuries, and to maintain my new level performance, began to cup regularly at home. But I struggled to find a cup therapy set that I enjoyed using. Despite the advances in the world of recovery, cup therapy technology has lagged far behind. Every set I tried was cheap, low quality, and difficult to use. Passionate about recovery and performance, I’ve partnered with physical therapists to create something better: a modern cup therapy set that is as advanced as the practitioners that use them and as performant as the people they treat.

- Victoria